Our Story

My name is Mike Babinski. I am the current owner and operator of the Babinski Farm and Stand and here is our family history.


Great-Granddad Started it All 

Victor Babinski arrived in the U.S. from Poland. He settled in Water Mill and began farming the East End's rich soil.


The Farm-Team Grows

Victor and his wife Stella, née Zaluski, run their 20-acre Water Mill Farm, on Mecox Road  together for over 30 years while adding 3 more Babinski's to the farm-team.


Granddad starts Farming 

Granddad Anthony Babinski a.k.a. Tony takes over the farm with his wife Caroline. Their primary crop was potatoes. Tony also started the Original Roadside Farm Stand


Dad Drafts the Kids

Dad, known as Buddy Babinski, was the first to diversify the farm's crops to include corn, lettuce  and tomatoes along with potatoes. Often he would draft my sister Sheila (or Charlene) and me to sell corn-on-the-cob, out of the back of the family station wagon.  


The Current Farm & Stand are Born

Hoping to create something like my grandfather's farm stand and after 20 years as a Southampton cop, I started this farm on Newlight Lane, selling heirloom tomatoes on a card table, roadside, sitting under an umbrella.



Over the years, the business and farm have grown. We now offer not just farm produce but also home-baked goods, many cooked on the premises, pantry items like our homemade tomato sauce, and fresh local seafood.


Six Generations

The farming tradition started with my great grandfather has now been passed along six generations as you can often see granddaughter in the fields with me.

Tomatoes are still a staple for the stand and one of our best-sellers. When we get a particularly good crop, we make our own tomato juice - that is if there are any still unsold.

Thanks for helping our family tradition continue.

The farm on Mecox Road that was started by Victor and Stella Babinski, continued with Tony and Caroline, and then was passed along to Buddy and Teresa. I began the farm on Newlight Lane and am frequently helped by my brother, Andrew, and my granddaughter Charlotte. This is definitely a family affair.